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Dr. Susan Gilster is a renowned trailblazer in the dementia care industry.  For more than three decades, she has led the Susan Gilster and Associates (SGA) team as it provides proprietary solutions for dementia care.

SGA taps into day-to-day experiences for program creation and operational solutions.  SGA will bring to your organization proven, established, sustainable programs, best practices, a proactive approach and proprietary materials that will enable an organization to launch a program affecting dementia care easily and quickly.

Research savvy, this team of experts also offers the ability to evaluate the current practice of an organization, design interventions and measure progress along the way, ensuring effort is being spent in the right operational areas.

Why engage SGA?  Statistics provide invaluable insight into the complexity of dementia and the challenge health professionals face as care providers.

Incidence and costs of dementia care:

Medicare post-acute care:

  • 1.6 million Americans live in nursing homes
  • Hospitalization rate is 38%  -  41% of those with 2 or more hospitalizations
  • 51% had at least one emergency room visit; half with 2 or more visits
  • 23% discharged to post-acute and re-hospitalized within 30 days


Dementia in post-acute:

  • 50% are in assisted living
  • 5% participate in adult day care
  • 68% are in nursing facilities
  • Disruptive and challenging behavior leads to employee turnover; costing millions of dollars annually


Results of SGA programs include:

  • Hospitalization rates of 1-5% per year
  • Medication rate of 50% less than national average
  • Staff retention rate of 90%
  • Family satisfaction rating of 3.94 on 4.0 scale


SGA offers three decades of expertise in designing, developing and establishing proprietary programs and environments that meet current demands and prepare organizations for the future, and are tailored to the specific needs of each client organization. 

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Dr. Gilster is also author of A Way of Life: Developing an Exemplary Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Program.

A Way of Life: Developing an Exemplary Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Program


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“A Way of Life” translates Dr. Gilster’s more than 30 years of experience in creating and building the acclaimed Alois Alzheimer Center into a guide for transforming your Alzheimer’s or dementia care program. The book takes the proprietary S.E.R.V.I.C.E.™ leadership model and tailors it to Alzheimer’s care. In her characteristic warm style, Dr. Gilster’s innovative and easy-to-apply program will enable your team to enhance their understanding of the disease process and develop much more effective approaches. Results will lead to improved care and outcomes, a nurturing and supportive approach for residents, families and staff. Educating and empowering staff to make decisions that “serve” other free leaders to spend time securing a better, more stable future.

To read an excerpt from A Way of Life, click here.